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“Radicule is an artist to watch and follow, the pleasures of his music will reveal itself to you in interesting ways, both on the first listen and with subsequent immersions into his art.

The Beat Bohemian is worthy of your time, a true undiscovered gem of an artist.”


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Cultivating sultry soundscapes and unadulterated slaps, Radicule (born 1996) is a one of a kind producer / beatmaker, infusing a variety of influences into rapid fire audio vignettes that are guaranteed to leave you with at least slight neck discomfort. Originally hailing from The Bronx, the NY-based producer continues to elevate his domain not only through sonic bliss, but visual designs sure to instill nostalgia and euphoria. 

Concocting a blend of beats that fuse together black history, anime/manga, and New York-specific cultural tropes & aesthetics, the 25 year old slap minister is only getting started. With his latest opus, Ebony Eternal, Radicule continues to look forward to a future filled with otherworldly beats and carving out his own cavern of dissonance in the cosmos. Under his own imprint, 

head massage music, the young beatsmith has steadily been releasing a catalog of music that seemingly only flourishes with every new title released. 

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